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18 May 2008 / April

Pretend this is actually much more eloquent…

I was intending to write a long and thoughtful entry about accompanying Ping’s senior recital, about how long we’ve known each other, how talented she is, how abnormally hilarious she is, how wonderfully tolerant she is when I fail to play half my notes and need to be chauffeured around town, and how amazing it was that she had Chinese takeout at her reception (even if it wasn’t kosher).

Then I realized how damn tired I am.

So, whatever. Ping…… you’re cool. 🙂

PS. I kept forgetting to tell you this before, but if you can stand to even look at your music again, take a peek at the tempo marking for the piano in the 2nd movement of the Bruch. Aren’t you glad I don’t play everything the score tells me to?

PPS. Thanks for the Toblerone.


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  1. Stacy / May 19 2008 12:11 am

    Chinese take-out from my parents’ restaurant nonetheless! I was very amused.

    And don’t think I didn’t notice the Toblerone. Mmm. Yay chocolatey goodness.

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