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13 May 2008 / April

Exams ’08, day… wait a second


(And seniors, I don’t even want to hear about your whole “I only have one AP left ever, I’m graduating in a month, yadda yadda yadda” thing.  I just don’t wanna hear it.)

So anyway, instead you get the honor and privilege of hearing me talk about all the funny things that happened today.  Like when I walked into Latin class, and upon seeing Maddie in her lovely red and white checkered dress, immediately exclaimed, “You look like a picnic!”  Because she did!  A picnic blanket, that is.

Or when Jingpeng and Sana dragged me off to Mr. T’s room after school, which confused me because he’s an APUSH teacher (not even mine) and that AP was Friday!  Why do we still care?

Jingpeng: “We need to get the homework.”

Me: “You have homework?!

Unheard of!  We’re going to be doing projects too, but later.  Right now we’re just watching Forrest Gump!  Well, Mr. T’s classes have always been ahead of ours.  Because we have more fun (I bet).

In Calculus, Silviana had cupcakes with element symbols on them, left over from Chemistry because their AP was today, so everyone in our group got one.  I had strontium; it was very good.  Also we had Steve as our sub!  I’m sure it was a tough job for him, sitting there on his laptop while we watched a movie.

And we went outside during German because Mary’s room was freezing, and I totally need to prepare for my seminar project, and the sky was very blue today.

I need to start writing more focused blog entries, because these are getting very rambly.



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  1. Kari / May 13 2008 7:59 pm

    Hey, I didn’t even go to German today! Or US!

    …because I was in the wrestling room, being told to read a paragraph, fill in bubble A and then look up when I’m done.


  2. Kari / May 13 2008 7:59 pm

    PS- post-bitching love attack.

  3. April / May 13 2008 8:46 pm

    Gotta love those obsessively restrictive AP regulations. Like what’s with not being able to ask someone for a pencil… BEFORE the exam begins?

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