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11 May 2008 / April

To-do list: Physics

1. Sleep more. Starting right about now would be good.

2. Memorize lots and lots of formulas.

3. Lots and lots and lots. But! Don’t forget about the conceptual stuff too.

4. Be intelligent when it comes to estimating answers without a calculator on the multiple choice section. If you carefully logic your way to the conclusion that your estimate is too high, do not then proceed to choose the answer that is higher than your estimate. That’s just dumb. Don’t do it.

5. Don’t let questions on fluids and optics throw you so out of whack that you can’t do the problems on forces and kinematics.

6. Same for questions on electromagnetism.

7. And, um, basically everything except forces and kinematics.

8. There will probably be questions on this exam that fewer than 10% of people will get correct. Don’t worry if you are not a part of that percentage.

9. Explain your answers in part II coherently and concisely. Eloquence will not earn you points. Precision will. Use formulas and– where necessary– actual numbers to develop a solid argument.


For this year, at least.


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