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10 May 2008 / April

Exams ’08, day three

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I will still write about APUSH even though it was a day ago.  Because like any good mathematician, incompleteness and inconsistency make me oh so uncomfortable.

Unlike many, I was very relaxed before the exam began because I got to hang out with “The Crew” (these fools) for the first time in ages and ages.  It’s the only AP we’ll all be taking.  It was really nice…

Talia: “There were words that I was going to say…”

Me: “Well, there were pictures that I was going to say… And mine are worth 1000 of yours!”

Ashely: “Oh!  Burned!”

Talia: “Yeah, I think I just got the third degree.”

… Until we actually had to go in and take the damn thing.

You know how the exam is supposed to be scaled from easy to hard?  Well I took one look at the very first question, and only then did I fully grasp just how screwed I was.

And the essays were just buckets and buckets of fun fish.

There’s not much more I can say, but here is one short and delightful test-taking story that will not get me in trouble with the Office of Testing Integrity!  I was frantically scribbling away at my essays, adding incoherent introductions and irrelevant conclusions, for the sign said there were 5 minutes left!  Five minutes!  And since I didn’t notice the sign until probably two minutes after the proctors had put it up, I probably only had three minutes left!  Ahh!  Ahhhh!!!!

I saw the proctor walk towards the microphone to make the fateful announcement.  I vehemently punctuated the final sentence of my final essay and suddenly felt a wave of relief– and maybe the tiniest bit of pride as well.  I had just finished the US History AP exam.  It was over.  Done.  Maybe I had only gotten a 3 thanks to my shitty essays and general befuddlement over most of the multiple choice questions– but hey, it was more than some students would get.  And at least I had done it.  And it was over.

“You should now be moving on to part C.  You will have 35 minutes to finish part C of the exam.”

There do not exist words in the English language that can express my feelings at that point.

As a totally unrelated aside!  Did you know I am capable of writing three essays in 80 minutes?  Essential life skill, I’m tellin’ ya.

Afterwards I went to take part of a physics final, and then translate lots of Horace.  But THEN!  TWO PERIODS (US and Calc) of stuffing my face with food and watching movies.  And THEN!  Stopping at the Cornell Dairy Bar with Ping and stuffing my face with ice cream.  Then an hour of rehearsal, THEN 10 hours of sweet sweet slumber.

It was actually supposed to be a half hour nap and then a couple hours of practicing my concerto, except then I, er, never woke up.

But who cares?

The judges at tomorrow’s competition, that’s who.  Not me.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / May 11 2008 6:11 pm

    I went through precisely the same event, rushing to finish my essays in the last 5 minutes, only to find there were 35 more. It was more relieving, for me, though, because I hadn’t managed to finish by then, so I ended up with 25 minutes to go through my essays, add conclusions where I had truncated them, and do general touchups, and then take the last five minutes or so to just relax. xD

  2. April / May 11 2008 9:06 pm

    Yeah, I did some touch-ups too, but that still doesn’t seem as good as just writing your essays in a more leisurely and thorough fashion… *sigh*


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