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8 May 2008 / April

To-do list: US History

1. Sleep.  Again.  Hopefully this will be easier than usual, since you walked to church this evening (ca. 45 minutes) and therefore have some physical exhaustion to lead the way to sleepy land.

2. Get up and get to school on time.  Do the doors open or close at 8 AM?  No one seems to be sure.  And they are two very different things. Nonetheless, get there on time anyway.

3. Bring pencils and pens.

4. Note the plural.  Pens.  Put another pen in your pencil case, pronto!

5. You are smarter than a bunch of monkeys in a room.  Plus, Mr. J wrote “Yowsa!” on your last test.  You can do this.

6. Don’t forget to think when you move on to the essays.  Plan them out.  Write a decent thesis.  Be thorough.  And the guy’s surname is Mahan, not Thayer.

7. Don’t kill yourself if your essays aren’t perfect though, because god and the scorers all know they won’t be.

8. If there is a question about clothing styles, it is not your fault for not knowing the answer.  It’s their fault for asking about such trivialities.

9. Don’t panic.  There are more important things in life than AP exams, regardless of what 90% of all your Facebook friends’ statuses have to say about it.

10. Or to put it another way, don’t worry about your fertility rates.  They won’t be affected.



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  1. Mimzy / May 8 2008 10:12 pm

    Indeed, I just completed a five-hour-long cram session for that test… 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. April / May 9 2008 6:26 pm

    Thanks! A little too late to wish the same for you… but I hope those 5 hours paid off!

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