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3 May 2008 / April

Let’s do this.

Friday evening was our three-hour marathon rehearsal at the Unitarian Church for Ping’s recital (which is 5 PM on May 18 and should be WELL-ATTENDED, hint hint hint).

After running out into the middle of the road to get instructions from Ping, who was still looking for parking, I proceeded to unlock the church and promptly decided not to read the instructions regarding how to turn on the lights. I just went into the back room and started flipping random switches. Ping joined me shortly. We then flipped random switches together before finally deciding to figure them out later because we had a grand piano to move.

“Later” turned out to coincide with the arrival of Kirsten, who told us that reading the clearly laid out numbered steps taped to the light box just might have been a good idea. Maybe.

Anyway, moving the piano wasn’t too bad, after we realized we had to unplug it (I guess it has a humidifying system or something?). At least the piano had wheels. The rug did not.

And that was one heavy rug. We were tripping over ourselves (and it) trying to move it out of the way. Kirsten had to save the day on this one too: “Next time? Roll up the rug.” Common sense, people. Musicians ain’t got it.

Once we’d dealt with all the technical stuff, we did a run through sans Kirsten, then we rehearsed Bruch an extra time, then we rehearsed the group piece with Annette, Renee, and Tina– which I actually had barely practiced before, but they don’t need to know that– then we did another run through, this time with Kirsten giving us musical advice (and commands…). Incidentally, that’s three plays of the entire Bruch concerto. That’s a lot of Bruch.

It was also the first time Kirsten heard us play the Dvorak Romance, which was ……… interesting. Especially considering I have “Perpetual Jump-the-Gun Syndrome.”

All in all though, it went really well, and we had lots of fun and lots of cookies. We also had a brief break at around 9, during which we found shoes in the pipe organ and discussed the ecosystem represented on the various components Ping’s outfit (pandas and squirrels and llamas, oh my!).

We wrapped up after 10, brains thoroughly fried, and had to make everything just like how we found it: lights off, rug straightened, piano plugged in.

And less than 12 hours later, I saw Kirsten again at IC for Kreisler class.

Saturday afternoon was NYSSMA with Renee (and the rest of the family, of course). We decided it was thoroughly unfair that the Trumansburg elementary school has this nice auditorium. At Caroline, we just had a “CAFETERIUM,” because we spent our funds on useful things, like a new playground every two years. (I hear they’re building another one right now?)

We played pretty well, but the judge was not particularly pleasant and apparently the sight reading did not go so well. Oh well, at least she never has to do NYSSMA again.

Afterwards we hung around while her brothers performed, studying and eating and running away from the band teacher from hell.  Somehow I encounter Mr. C every year at NYSSMA.  But this time I succeeded in avoiding him and his undying hopes that one day I would return to the oboe.  In your dreams!

Then we went back to IC for some piano class that I did not play at.  Instead I snuck into a classroom to practice and hope I wouldn’t get kicked out. I’ve done this before, but even more audaciously, this time I also used the computer. I mean, it wasn’t password-protected, and it did have an internet connection, and it’s not like I was surfing porn sites or anything. So I think it was okay.

Finally, FINALLY, I came home.

This was overwhelmingly music-related, so here are three non-music-related things for people who were bored stiff by the rest of this entry.  Am I not just so marvelously obliging?

1. I am actually scared shitless about the AP exams this week and next. Particularly the US, the Physics (Physics OH GOD PHYSICS), and to a lesser extent the Calculus.  I am somewhat less concerned about the ones I am not taking.

2. People get surprised when I tell them Physics is harder for me than Calculus. The key words here are “for me.” Something about physics, probably the conceptual stuff and the sheer variety of disparate topics, just doesn’t click in my brain like calculus does.

The latter reason needs a little explanation. When I study calculus, it feels like I’m reviewing different facets of one thing that all kind of build on one another. Studying physics feels more frenetic; it’s all like “Optics! Kinematics! Energy! Thermodynamics! Electromagnetism!” There are definitely relations between the topics, but it’s not all “one thing.”

I wasn’t going to mention this, but it also has to do with the teachers.

3. Two things have been stuck in my head non-stop for about the past week. One is the following:

Down in a deep dark dell sat an old cow munching a beanstalk.
Out of its mouth came forth yesterday’s dinner and tea.

Because in Latin class, we’re looking at dactylic hexameter and specifically elegiac couplets, the rhythm of which is exemplified by those lovely lines.

The other has to do with calculus, and on these matters I am sworn to secrecy. 😉


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