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30 April 2008 / April

How two sick kids made my week a little less stressful

And other items of note from the past couple days.

-There was a lot of confusion about the existence of an AP US test Thursday, because 6th period people were telling us it had been canceled because of Mr. J’s sick children… but he had not told us that 7th period. All he’d said was that we might have to review in class on our own Wednesday (i.e. today) if he wasn’t there. Insert panic and confusion here.

So to make a not so long story even shorter, we’re not having a test on colonial America and the American Revolution because Mr. J’s kids are throwing up constantly.

Even though it turns out he was actually here today and apologized for his utter failure to communicate. We forgave him. At least I did, seeing as I am currently writing a blog post and not cramming for a history test…

-I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a list of project topics as I was about the one Mr. D handed out on Monday. For instance, Silviana pointed to “The Pythagoreans: irrational numbers and murder”, commenting, “I’m intrigued…”

I agreed. “I know– I mean, irrational numbers?!”

“No, I meant…”

Then she got it and we dissolved into laughter. Again. It’s a good thing Mr. D likes us, because the uncontrollable laughter always seems to strike us in calculus.

-PE on Tuesday was sort of unbelievable. People were making up fitness testing, so those of us who had completed all their testing just… kinda… sat around… for half the period.

Ms. P wouldn’t let us get homework to do though, which made it the most aggravating yet bizarrely amusing 20 minutes of the week. It’s remarkable how rare is a chunk of time during which you need do nothing but see how low you can slouch against the wall without totally lying down.

Eventually she demanded we at least stand up. So we got in a circle about six feet in diameter and tossed a frisbee around halfheartedly. More like quarterheartedly, actually.

-We don’t even pretend to do anything in math seminar these days, now that we’re on the projects phase. We talk about 10 year vendettas and visiting Pomona on 4/20 while Mr. D just sits there grading calc finals and “studiously not listening.” (Though he really does, a lot of the time. Antal had to explain to him what 4/20 is.)

By the end of the period, though, somehow, from all that, Rachel was solving some insane multivariable integral on the blackboard while we were shamelessly ridiculing her infinity signs. Only in math seminar.

-Two words: “Saltbush Bill”.

Then it was Maddie who dissolved in laughter, in Latin today.

Ms. N acknowledged, “It looks like while I was photocopying this I obliterated a poem called ‘Saltbush Bill’…”

Me: “Yeah, and now it looks like Saltbush Bill is about to obliterate Maddie.”

This didn’t help.

Ms. N seemed vaguely concerned now. “Do you need a drink?*”

Maddie: “[gasp] YES. [gasp] [cough]”

-Okay, there is so much more stuff I could cram into this post, but I deem it to be long enough**.

* Of water, dears.

** I must confess utter ignorance as to the proper usage of “deem.” I deem it long enough? I deem it is long enough? I deem that it is long enough? I deem long enough to be a characteristic of it, where the antecedent of “it” is something now so far removed that I have completely forgotten its true identity?


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