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24 April 2008 / April

Exams ’08, day one

Kind of. Usually my exams series start in June during exams week, but AP classes screw the whole system up– and I did have a final today, so I think it counts.

If you’re curious:
2006: one | two | three
2007: one | two | three | four | five

First of all, I am actually psychic, and there are witnesses to my psychic abilities. Because I so called the question on differential equations and moose populations. We were chilling in the Tattler office at like T-14 minutes and Eva asked about rates of growth. I gave moose populations as an example of restricted growth, and there it was on the test! And I started laughing! In the middle of my calculus final! Because it was amazing!

Finally, I think the test could’ve been so, so much worse than it was. And for that I am thankful.

I’m really too tired to give much more of a detailed analysis than that. I emerged 3 and 2/3 hours later mentally drained, and while I was walking (late) to afterschool choir an announcement came on calling all afterschool choir members to actually go to afterschool choir! And I yelled to the empty hallway “I’m coming, Mr. L!!!”

Afterwards I lay in the grass under a blue sky, then I came home and ate and practiced hurriedly and had another choir rehearsal with another choir. On my way there, mom mentioned walking to a plateau, and I was confused because I wasn’t aware of any plateaus around here. “Well,” she said, “it was one of those places where there’s a hill going up, and then a flat spot, and then another hill going up…”

“A POINT OF HESITATION!” I cried jubilantly. “Like where the derivative equals zero but doesn’t change sign, so there isn’t a maximum or a minimum!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she replied. “And there was a minimum. There was a pond. And a ditch.”

Oh calculus. I don’t think anyone but calculus students has had any idea what I am talking about ever since I starting taking the course. Anyway, upon coming home (again) I drank very concentrated tea before rehearsing with Ping. And THEN I did homework. Albeit not a lot of it. Because I died before I could finish. The end.


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