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13 April 2008 / April


I took this photo because of the green brick.  Obviously.  Who wouldn’t?  You have a wall of orange and gray bricks, one of them is green, you take a photo.  Obviously.

What strikes me now, though, are all the warped, contorted bricks that are not green.  The ones tired of toeing the line.  The ones struggling to break out of the mold.  The ones embodying other clichés of rebellion.

The green brick is doing this too, of course: showing its true colors, being the flamboyant nonconformist.  But it seems more like someone who’s different for the sake of being different.  It has something to prove, namely, that it is different.  It does this admirably; after all, it did catch my eye.

The bricks bending their way out of the cement have something to achieve.  Places to go, things to do, other bricks to see.  They are not doing this as admirably; after all, they are still there in the wall.  But the very fact that they have such lofty ambitions inspires a twinge of respect in me.

And thus I conclude my entirely too thought-out meditation on a brick wall.



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  1. edinburghlook / Apr 17 2008 1:47 pm

    Wow. I like it.

  2. April / Apr 17 2008 2:18 pm


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