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11 April 2008 / April

Whilst babysitting

And I thought TV was a good babysitter. The kids have been playing Wii for nearly an hour and have shown no signs of tiring– mentally or physically– while I have been sitting here keeping half an eye on them, going online using the family’s sweet and sexy PowerBook (with permission!), and reading Richard Rhodes’s The Making of the Atomic Bomb.

There is something of irony to be reading a book on one of the most dangerous weapons of civilization while the kids are hacking at characters with lightsabers and exclaiming things like “Killing people is fun!” and “Hey, we’re shooting at someone’s house! Cool!!!!”

I know, I’m a terrible babysitter. I’m going to make them stop and do something wholesome very soon. Maybe they will hack at each other with plastic lightsabers, which somehow seems to be better than doing the same thing on a video game, or we’ll bake cookies and consume lots of processed sugar and trans fats.

I would make an atrocious mother.


On a positive note, realizing they could ride the firetruck in the video game has made them more excited than all the death and destruction that came before. Clearly they are volunteer firefighters in the making.

Although they’re just using it to run over people. Oh well.


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