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10 April 2008 / April


-The glorious sunshine streaming in my windows this morning was nearly sufficient compensation for the psychological torture of getting out of bed at 7 AM. Nearly.

-After four whole periods of tedious sanding of wires, winding of wires, and fiddling of wires, I finally got my motor to work in Physics. It’s not pretty, but it is a work of art in the eyes of its maker. Hearing its merry little whirr as the axle spins brings great joy to my heart.

Yes, I know those pictures are not taken of the motor in the same position. But they could’ve been. Just imagine. (And they’re remarkably close considering that I wasn’t trying at all.)

-Summary of seminar: Silviana whipping out an exacto knife from her purse. No further explanation needed. Actually, much further explanation needed, but no further explanation provided.

-I skipped afterschool choir today. I was going to have qualms, but then I enjoyed some hilarious conversations and homemade shortbread on the bus home.

-The church choir threw me a small surprise birthday party after rehearsal this evening. There was a lovely chocolate cake and ice cream and this delicious fruity concoction that Angela conjured up. A beverage, that is. It has a name, I’m sure. Whatever, the event was really fun and quite unexpected.

-My mind still hasn’t quite grasped the fact that I have 10 liberated school-less days coming up, called spring break.

I have an urge to go on a spontaneous road trip– just throw some stuff in a bag and leave. I haven’t traveled in months. I could use an utterly rational and pointless excursion.

Sigh. What I actually could use, my obstinately rational mind reminds me, is some sleep. I have three hours of babysitting, bright and early tomorrow morning.


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