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7 April 2008 / April


So we played the Bruch for Kirsten today. “We” being Ping and I. “The Bruch” being his first violin concerto. “Kirsten” being Ping’s teacher.

Let me start again.

Today, after an educational and hilarious day at school, a rejuvenating walk in the fresh spring air, and a nutritious and delicious meal at CTB, I went with my beloved friend Ping (WHOSE SENIOR RECITAL IS IN A MONTH AND A HALF) to her lesson with the esteemed Kirsten, where we played Max Bruch’s beautiful Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26.

We enjoyed many of Kirsten’s nougats of musical wisdom, such as “You need to slow down” and “Are you circling the pianissimo?” and “NOOO Ping finally played a beautiful phrase and you just squashed it! Like a bug!!!”, and we participated in such deep and insightful interchanges as the following:

Ping: “I actually chose my new rosin based on the fact that I couldn’t open any of the other ones.”

Me: “Really.”

Ping: “Yeah. Also this one has special ‘gold flakes’!”

Me: “Ooh! [goes to look] Fancy, fancy.”

Ping: “Yes, very elaborate.”

Or this one:

Ping: “You wanna see what happened to my old rosin?” She shows the sad, crumbled remains.

Kirsten, incredulously: “You use rosin with guard rails? That’s like having training wheels on a bike.”

Me, after Kirsten left the room: “… Ouch. Training wheels, huh?”

Or other conversations that had nothing to do with rosin, believe it or not.

After this hour and a half lesson, we went to our respective homes, commiserating over how mentally and physically exhausting the life of a musician is for the entire time– save for a brief interlude when I taught her how to find volume with integrals– and wondering how exciting an all-night, coffee-fueled rehearsal would be.

I.e., pretty damn exciting.

PS. I misspelled “the” as “that” literally four times in this blog entry alone.

PPS. But at least I can spell “it.”

PPPS. I’m lookin’ at you, Silviana.


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