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5 April 2008 / April

Imagination and reality

Imagine being tired beyond belief– so tired that you can do nothing but lay your head down on the piano keys and close your eyes. Imagine being frustratingly unable to do anything productive. Imagine giving up and leaving the practice room to go upstairs.

Imagine finding coffee.

Imagine gallons and gallons of coffee, like an oasis in the deserts of exhaustion, hot and caffeinated and most importantly, unguarded. Imagine baskets overflowing with mini bagels, bowls brimming with jelly and cream cheese, glasses of orange juice and carefully labeled jars of sugar.

Imagine gradually becoming awake.

Another cell phone soliloquy, composed at IC.


Other items of note include Friday.

Just, Friday in general.

It was not exactly the “happy day” I had been awaiting for the entire week, no thanks to the DBQ in APUSH (MR. J YOU HAVE BROKEN MY HEART, WHY WHY WHY), but I did get a “happy 45 minutes” in Calc, where we not only did not end late but actually had 15 minutes at the end of class to do our homework.  During which I mostly drew pictures of Zeus in the margins of my review book (“I shall smite ye who fail at calculus!”) and poked gentle fun at my group mates.

Then I went Downtown in the rain to translate Latin and drink coconut French sodas with Karin at Autumn Leaves, which was just what the doctor ordered.  Oh did we have catching up to do.  Also she had to introduce me to her newest paramour.  Except I’d actually met him very, very, very briefly before, when I came upon him talking to Talia after school and he said something to me about balls.  Contrary to what this episode may imply, he’s a super-cool guy and not a creepy pervert.  Nor is he Filipino.

That wasn’t a racist dig at Filipinos, by the way.

We walked back to IHS to see Into the Woods, which was utterly fantastic.  Honestly, the high quality of IHS musicals no longer surprises me; it is what I have come to expect.  If I ever saw an IHS musical that didn’t feature an obscenely talented and convincing cast, an amazingly capable and efficient crew, a professional-quality pit orchestra, beautiful and period-appropriate costumes, and a mesmerizing set, I would probably wake up afterwards and say “Well that was a bizarre dream!”

My only minor quibble is not with the performance but with the musical itself.  For me, the two halves didn’t quite coalesce to make a coherent whole.  After seeing the entire thing it was clear that neither act could retain its impact on its own, and that all the juicy bits– the dark conflict, the deaths, some of the best songs in the whole musical, and of course the sex scene– were in fact in Act II.  Yet without knowing this (as I didn’t), it would have been far too easy to leave after Act I and feel you had reached closure.  The golden thread of anticipation leading the audience from one act to the next was frayed and nearly broken, so to speak.

SO those are my two sesterces.  Which has nothing to do with the fact that the performance was  entertaining and well done and well worth seeing.

Wow, this entry was not supposed to turn into a review.


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  1. Stacy / Apr 6 2008 4:51 pm

    Well, I’m glad it turned into a review. 🙂 I have to agree with the Act I/Act II disconnection. Jared actually told me, “Um, make sure you stay for Act II– that’s when people start dropping dead like flies”.

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