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2 April 2008 / April


To update you all who actually care, I basically got nowhere near the top 8 of the NACLO invitational round (they’re taking a maximum of 8 people to the international competition this summer), which is exactly what I was expecting so I don’t feel disappointed at all. Basically, it was a “nice try, but no fish” kind of thing.

Gotta congratulate Nic and Antal though. So close! So close!

I learned about that during US History like half an hour after the email was sent– while I was supposed to be studying for tomorrow’s test for which I am consequently screwed.

Then after school today, I rehearsed for Ping for an hour and a half with decreasing average productivity due to increasing average exhaustion, and then while I was walking to the Commons she called and told me her lesson time was moved an hour earlier, so I had to eat a really quick (but yummy!) dinner at CTB, supplanted by a cookie from Autumn Leaves (me to the cashier: “Sorry I can’t stay, but I would like my cookie please!”), after which we went to the lesson to get ripped apart by the formidable Kirsten– although fortunately I got to leave early because I had my own lesson to go to at 7, which went surprisingly well considering I was basically running on an empty tank and I had practiced my Chopin scherzo a grand total of three days during the past week, which seems to be all the practice I need to play at a “college level,” which is a mild comfort, except not really.

Yes friends, my day was essentially one long run-on sentence. And now I get to do an hour and a half’s worth of calculus homework, and study for US– or maybe I’ll do that during Physics tomorrow– except I’m doing kind of badly in Physics so I really shouldn’t– and you know, I might’ve had German homework but you can never be sure. Gaaaaah.

(Props to you if you understood this at all.)



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  1. Rachel / Apr 3 2008 7:59 pm

    If it makes you feel better, you did better than me.

  2. April / Apr 3 2008 9:00 pm

    Don’t worry, we can wallow in the depths of anonymity together.

  3. Kyle / Aug 29 2008 10:22 am

    Heh, neither did I. But I’ll be training students for it next year, and they can be my vengeance! >8]

  4. April / Aug 29 2008 11:40 am

    That’s the spirit, turning your disappointment into ambition… Thanks for dropping by!

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