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24 March 2008 / April

Today, plus 40 minutes

Last night I had a dream about “practicing piano, eating cake, [and] marriage proposals to see if [the other person is] willing to plot.”

This is quoted from the notes I make immediately upon waking, so coherency is not their strong point.  Brief analysis: Practicing lots of piano = dreams about practicing piano.  Not sure about the cake, but I think reading Steven Pinker’s How the Mind Works before bed is probably how the thing about marriage with ulterior motives got in there.  Good book.

Anyway, after making these notes, I lay back down and tried to go back to sleep.  But I couldn’t.  It was exactly the kind of insomnia I am quite accustomed to– mostly due to an annoyingly hyperactive mind when I’m hoping for anything but– except usually it occurs in the evening, not the morning.

I checked the time: 6:38 AM.  What the hell, I thought, I’m getting up.

And get up I did.

And I spent those extra 40 minutes eating a leisurely breakfast and practicing piano.  So nice.

Other nice things happened today, such as: excessive sunshine and “crisp” weather, Mary’s hilarious story about a German kid who kept misusing the word “fucking” despite her guidance (e.g. “That concert was so fucking!”), and a totally irrelevant conversation about this article in US History.  Somehow we were talking about color theory instead of pre-WWII international policies… and when Mr. J looked our way, Sean was hurriedly said, “So, the Red Scare!” and it was quite amusing.  And futile.

Entries about my school day always tend to become laundry lists of things that happened to me and that only people who were there would really understand.  Sigh.  I apologize for boring you and will now return to doing history homework.

(Oh!  Remind me to tell you about study guides though!  Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just say to me, “Hey, April, tell us about the study guides!” and I’ll be like “Oh yeah, the APUSH study guides have gotten really annoying lately because you see…”)


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