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14 March 2008 / April

At Michelle’s

Yesterday after school, I went to my friend and neighbor Michelle’s house, mostly to watch West Side Story since (thanks to a scheduling fluke in 6th grade… long story) I’d never seen this staple of American culture before. And it was high time I saw the context behind those oh-so-famous, oh-so-catchy, oh-so-helpful in figuring out what a 7th sounds like, songs.

But since we have a three-day weekend (!), there was no rush. So first we played Cooking Mama!

A game that I am stunningly bad at, considering it’s probably marketed towards like 6-year-olds.  I just cannot for the life of me cut a carrot properly– even a virtual carrot, with a Wii remote instead of a knife.  In my defense, it was my very first time using a Wii so I had to get used to the motions and stuff.  Even though it’s supposed to be intuitive and drop-dead simple.  Oh well.  It was still fun.

Then we had a real, sit-down, family dinner.  It was kind of amazing.  And amazingly good, even if Michelle did eat a jar of baby food in place of the vegetable sauce.  (Hey, I thought the vegetables were delicious!)

Finally we watched West Side Story, the music of which will be stuck in my head probably through the end of the year, at least.  And now I can die in peace because I’ve seen it at last.

So in other words, yesterday was the first weekday in years that I’ve gotten home after my mom.


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  1. dominiqueinsanity / Mar 22 2008 8:25 pm

    You should really try to watch a play of West Side Story.
    If any school ever puts it on.
    Its great!

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