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11 March 2008 / April

On not being Mayan. And, um, fish.

I’ve had a request to blog about fish more (hi Stacy!), and of course I am never one to ignore my (nonexistent) hordes of adoring fans.

Unfortunately, fish did not really figure into my day, which was mostly spent at Cornell taking the invitational round of the NACLO. And I do mean mostly. I arrived at 8:30 for breakfast, we began at 9, got a half hour lunch break at 12:30, began again at 1, and finished at 2:30. That’s five hours of test-taking. We are so hardcore.

Factoring in the 20+ minutes it took for us to walk across campus and squish into Rachel’s car for the ride back to IHS, that meant my school day consisted of about 27 minutes of calculus. I repeat: hardcore.

If I were writing about the open round, I could definitely have written about fish, because problem E was an evil problem about counting fish and lying fishermen. At least I thought it was evil until I looked at problem K on today’s part, which involved the Mayan calendar and was about as solvable as a fifth degree polynomial. It was the devil himself, in glyph-form. We all agreed: we are so very glad we are not Mayan.

But most of the other problems were at about the difficulty level of the previous round, or perhaps easier, so all in all it was a good time: correcting a test-writer on his own problem, getting overly excited over finite state automata, failing to find the bathroom, talking about polar coordinates while stuffing our faces with pizza…

I also (to my surprise if no one else’s) acquired a book for being one of the top three scorers from Ithaca, which sounds impressive until you realize that there were only nine participants from Ithaca anyway. And seven of them made it to the invitational round, which is a much higher rate than the 1/6 internationally who did the same. Go Ithaca!

Actually, I technically acquired Antal’s book… but at any rate, I am now one book wealthier than I was before. It is, appropriately enough, an encyclopedia of the English language— very heavy, extremely interesting, and TOTALLY NERDY.

And I walked into Calc class totally brain dead and unwilling to do any thinking whatsoever, and then Mr. D handed me this:

Which is just ridiculous. Today was just ridiculous. Ridiculous as a bucket of fish.

In tutus.


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