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2 March 2008 / April

Random photos

And of course an entry like this does not mean nothing exciting has been going on in my life for me to write about! Au contraire! Exciting things have been coming at me from all directions, like buckets of fish! Coming at me from all directions!

At any rate. Let’s get on with those photos, shall we?

A fish on a stick by a cornfield. In August.

Surprisingly, the selection of this particular photo was not inspired by the above reference to fish. I picked out the photo because I wanted something really random, and was about to write something along the lines of “This is totally irrelevant!” when I read what I’d written and realized I had somehow managed to kill my own party of irrelevancy before I even knew I was going to have such a party.

If that makes any sense.

My keyboard is FILTHY. Ugh.

Anyway, that’s what I found stuck to the bottom of my metal trash can the last time I dumped it. It seemed like a challenge. “Yeah, so I’m empty. And? What now? Eh?” Now I keep it on my desk, to remind me there’s always something more to what you see. And also because I’m too lazy to reunite it with the rest of its magnetic poetry friends.

I’m becoming something of a fixture not only at my beloved Autumn Leaves (where the cashier on the Saturday evening shift definitely knows me now), but also at the Chinese restaurant where my mom works part time. Initially it felt a little awkward, what with everyone munching on their General Tso’s chicken and me sitting there peeling an orange and reading about psychology, but I’ve gotten used to it now.

And sometimes, despite my mom’s disapproval, I get free food. It’s pretty sweet (and sour. As in, soup. Oh man, I’m making Chinese takeout jokes.)

I’m going back to Bach by way of the Prelude and Fugue I played at a competition in September. As an indication of how little prepared I was for that competition, I shall merely say that I’ve been practicing this for over a week now and it’s still not re-memorized. Yeah.

Aw, look at the cute widdle CD that Haverford sent me! I’ve never seen one that small, the size that fits into that indentation in the CD tray. I started cooing the minute I opened it. Which is unusual for college mail, I assure you.

Oh my god I have a math test tomorrow, don’t I. Well, it’s only 10 PM. Yay, being a high school student is fun.


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