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22 February 2008 / April

Life: the battle against laziness

Yes friends, that is a picture of my foot you are looking at. Because I’m much too lazy to take a picture of anything more interesting today.

As a side note, my fashion sense on days that I don’t go out is truly impeccable. Not that it ever is peccable anyway. But at least I don’t wear bright teal FUZZY pants to school. (Yes, fuzzy! Practically fluffy, in fact. You are envious. Admit it.)

Inconceivable laziness notwithstanding, I am determined to finish my German homework today. Even though I am racking my brain to think of something I want to do less and coming up blank, I will still write that stupid essay.

The bright side is that my unwillingness to do this essay has fueled immense amounts of productivity throughout this break. Every time the 40-year-old motherly voice in my mind tells me I really should be doing my German homework, the sneaky 16-year-old voice insists, “Oh, don’t worry, I will! But for now I’ll just do Calculus, or US, or practice piano! Which is just as good, right?”

And the jaded 33-year-old says, “Don’t listen to her, she’s just trying to slither her way out of it,” to which the indulgent 68-year-old replies, “Don’t be such a skeptic! Let her do her math homework if that’s what she really wants,” while the whiny 5-year-old screams, “I want another cookie!” and the obstinate 19-year-old grumbles, “I can’t wait till I get out of this mind.”

And MEANWHILE, I am already summing up infinite geometric series and the German essay is not getting written. And once that’s done, it starts all over again.

N.B.: I am not insane. Everyone has little voices arguing in their heads when they’re trying to make a decision. Right, everyone? Right?


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