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5 February 2008 / April

Colleges are stalking me

This may in fact be the worst possible subject for a student-recruiting email.

Creeeepy. The first of many reasons why I shan’t be considering Clarkson University.

But, more important things were afoot today. Namely, NACLO! The reason why I won’t be eating fish anytime soon– and even if I did, why I would lie about it afterwards!

It was actually pretty cool– the problems were the sort of logic thing I weirdly enjoy– for, oh, the first couple hours. Then my brain began to die from Funny Symbol Overdosage, and my hand began to hurt from Too Lengthy Explanation Syndrome, and I started working on the really hard problems I had skipped because they were… really… hard… and it got a little frustrating.

However, they gave us a breakfast (of bagels and 100% vitamin C juice) and really nice pens (of the Uniball persuasion). And I missed over half the school day, including German which I heard was highly unpleasant. For these and other reasons, it was a worthwhile experience.


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