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4 February 2008 / April



Also! It is 8:30 PM. And it feels like I haven’t slept in days. Even though I last slept like 11 hours ago (unless you count Physics class), which is only “days” if you live on… um… something that spins really fast. Damn, that was going to be witty.

But look, I can be witty other ways.

Chloe: “Wait, I thought there were literacy tests for immigrants though…”

Me: “Yeah, you see, I have written in my notes ‘literacy tests for immigrants,’ but then I was like, ‘Wait. What that actually means is no literacy tests for immigrants!'”

Mr. J: “There you go!”

Me: “My notes require advanced interpretation.”

Okay, that wasn’t me being witty, that was me taking bad notes and managing to ace a reading quiz in spite of them. Here’s witty:

John: “April, are you doing track?”

Me: “What?! Do I have any crack?!

John: “No! Are you doing track?” (Which is actually just as preposterous.)

That wasn’t me being witty either, that was me being deaf. Maybe I’m not witty at all! Argh, the implications are almost as soul-crushing as my total lack of chocolate!

But you know what? Mr. D and I were wearing the same color shirt today! And it was a very specific shade of purple too. We clearly share a brain.

Which is mostly just creepy, untrue, and not witty at all– but I haven’t really been pretending to make any sense whatsoever. So I think that’s irrelevant. Along with this entire entry.


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