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27 January 2008 / April

Homemade meat

Mom is stirring a pan of creamy white… stuff.

Me: “What’s that?”

Mom: “Soybeans.”

Me: “No.  I know soybeans when I see them.  And those are not soybeans.”

Mom: “Well, they’ve been blended.  I’m making meat.”

Me: [laughs]

Mom: “Okay, so maybe it was a mistake.”

Me: “It looks more like… yogurt.”

Later, the creamy white stuff has thickened slightly and now has chunks.

Mom: “See?  It looks like meat now!”

Me: “Um, sorry, no.”

Mom: “But at least it looks more like meat.

Me: “Well, it looks less like yogurt.  On the spectrum from yogurt to meat, it has moved slightly towards the ‘meat’ end.”

Mom: “Maybe I can make tofu instead.”



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  1. Dee / Jul 2 2008 9:29 pm

    LOLOLOL This is too funny. Thanks for sharing it!!

  2. April / Jul 2 2008 11:06 pm

    You’re quite welcome. And thanks for dropping by!

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