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23 January 2008 / April

An inclination to inebriation

Not mine. Sydney Carton’s.

I actually managed to enjoy writing the critical lens essay for the English Regents. As in, I took the effort to make it a genuine piece of writing as opposed to a piece of– well, something else.

It’s probably not at all what the Regents expects, because I have issues incorporating literary elements and all those technical trappings into the flow of my essay. And I get so carried away writing about A Tale of Two Cities that it ends up sounding pretty hokey. But whatever. I don’t really care.

No seriously.

Think about it. It’s the English Regents. Why does it matter? It certainly doesn’t in the Grand Scheme of Things, and I’ve realized it doesn’t even in the Tiny Insignificant Scheme of Things. It can’t possibly count towards my grades because I kind of already got a 97 in English 11. Colleges in states outside of NY (… which would include, er, all 49 of them) don’t give a damn how well I did on a Regents exam. I basically need to pass the thing in order to graduate. And do I really need to sweat about passing a Regents?

Our test proctor gave us this random pre-test pep talk (beats an awkward 15-minute silence, I guess) about how every little thing matters and how we should take great care in each little action we take, each little word we speak or write. Which is an admirable sentiment in many situations, but at the time I was actually surprised at just how much I disagreed with him. Because there are so many more important things in this world to expend our brainpower over than a Regents exam.

This thinking effectively gave me permission to totally BS my essays. And use pointless but nicely rhythmic phrases like “inclination to inebriation.” So it’s all good. (Till tomorrow, at least.)



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  1. Stacy / Jan 23 2008 11:19 pm

    I got an 86 on the English Regents because one of the things they ask you to do is “write a letter to ____” only, it was supposed to be in an essay-format. Naturally, lots of people (like me) didn’t know about that little catch.

    But I definitely agree with you. Regents tests are not worth stressing over; as long as you pass, that’s all that matters.

    Much much love, Apri! 😀

  2. April / Jan 24 2008 5:17 pm

    What? You mean you don’t write letters in 5-paragraph essay format, complete with thesis statement and perfect transitions?


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