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1 January 2008 / April

New year, new header

That photo– of the sunset we saw while driving home from Luzerne– looks infinitely better large, and in its uncropped form. Oh well.

The quote is from The Light Fantastic, by (of course) the one and only Terry Pratchett. It’s kind of the story of my life. Because 99% of the time, nothing really happens. In the grand scheme of things, actually, nothing ever happens. Yet somehow, I still manage to enjoy it.

Or something like that.

In other (sort of related) news… my family is still weird.

Mom: “So, are you going to make a dessert for tomorrow?”

Amy: “Umm… You can just eat chocolate.”

Me: “Let them eat chocolate!

Mom: “Oh yeah, chocolate!”

Me: “That’s not what France said.”

Amy: “Are you asking to get guillotined?”


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