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19 November 2007 / April

The AP Aardvark and related matters

In US History today we had a lengthy discussion about whether a certain hand symbol was a coyote, giraffe, llama, or bunny. Mr. J then dubbed it “the AP Aardvark” and we whole-heartedly approved.

This is the hand symbol that is supposed to make us quiet down and listen to him, but all it ever does is make us argue over its true identity.

I love how we’re so fabulously unfocused in this class, and then he proceeds to put us in small groups, hoping that in a freer and less directed setting we would actually talk about American history. Which sounds hopelessly naive, but actually kind of works, thus enforcing the sneaking suspicion that Mr. J knows more than you think. Much more.

So we reviewed for tomorrow’s test in small groups. Good times. Yeah, the day before break is a baaaad time to have a test. Perhaps the only time that would be worse is the day after break. We’ll take what we can get.

I should go study more for that. Actually, what I really should study for is Physics, because 1) It’s first period, so I won’t have 5th period to study for it as I do in the case of History, and 2) My lowest grade for the first quarter was in Physics.

And no, I am definitely not complaining about my grades (quite the contrary), but it’s as good a reason as any to recommit to actually making an effort in this class. For instance: today I repressed all inclination to do Latin homework or zone out and actually tried to pay attention. I think I only glanced out the window twice (it was so nice and sunny…).

Was this herculean effort worth it? I guess we’ll see.

I can’t think of a good transition from this to playing Cat’s Cradle on the bus ride home, so I’ll just go ahead and– no! Must. Go. Study. Yes April– now would be good.


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