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19 October 2007 / April

Where are the tacos?

Thursday turned out to be a good day to be in school, despite rumors to the contrary. Even though today is a Friday (+7 coolness points) and we did get to witness Phoebe jumping out the window in Latin (+254), I think yesterday was actually better. Some reasons:

1) I got to feel all tough and macho, just for being in school.  “Gun violence– pshaw! Nothing to worry about!”  Or, alternatively, “Gah, I’m too grade-focused to consider staying home from school for any reason whatsoever!”  But I prefer the former.

2) The once-in-a-lifetime experience of walking into the cafeteria in the morning and finding it 75% empty rather than 125% full.

And going from the cafeteria to G-Building, which is always so congested that they have resorted to posting Mr. S there to clap his hands and yell above the tumult, “Period __ now! Let’s go, everyone! Keep moving!” as though we are cattle to be herded.

But these past couple days, I have been able to walk at a reasonable pace through this and other crowded intersections, without maneuvering my way around a hundred other people and getting shoved into doors. Amazing.

I guess maybe the 700 absences counted for something.

3) Having about 7 people in our PE class and spending the whole period walking leisurely around the track. This was actually just about the only class in which I noticed a dramatic lack of students, besides German (of course, when there are only 12 people in a class under normal circumstances, anything’s a dramatic lack), and also…

4) Choir, where we got chocolate just for being present. 🙂

5) Speaking of food, they were taste-testing a new vegetarian taco recipe after school.  There were only 50 and it was first come, first served, so a fair amount of people, including myself, rushed down to the cafeteria immediately after school.  Students are always hungry after school and free food is always nice.

But we were sorely disappointed, as there were no tacos there!  Confusion and frustration!  Fortunately for me, the tragedy was tempered by the highlight of my entire day, namely, Steve W. saying with great alarm, “Where are the tacos?”  Which is probably only funny if you know Steve.

It was also tempered by the fact that I came back 5 or 10 minutes later and there were the tacos!  And only a dozen people there eating them, so we could even get seconds.  They were quite tasty.

A little persistence pays off.


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