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7 October 2007 / April

Saturday, in all its glory


I received a letter from pretty much the coolest person ever to grace the world with her vocalizations. It is hands-down the most random item of correspondence I have ever received. It includes blue paper stars, a Helen Keller joke, “music” spelled three different ways, and a picture of a cat in a toilet.


The Book Sale has never been this busy four hours after its opening. I’m not even one of those fanatics who drive five hours to stand in line at 2 in the morning, and I still had to wait for half in hour in line.

But it was 105% worth because I got Metamagical Themas!!! Ahh! I am bubbling with excitement to read it! Funnily enough, the Book Sale was also where I got GEB, with which you see MT fraternizing in the above photo.


I walked from the Book Sale to the Commons while eating a tomato bagel (quite good actually, particularly when it’s the first thing you’ve eaten all day… long story) to meet Karin, out with whom I hung for quite a long time. We had our customary coconut French sodas at Autumn Leaves and told jokes with the cashier, visited Communist dollar stores, and played chess– where “chess” is “blowing leaves across the table and taking pictures.”

We also went to that hallowed place of my childhood, Alphabet Soup, and played with toy trains. Which is always nice.



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