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30 September 2007 / April

Things that have happened

So I haven’t written in a while. Fine. Just pretend each of these sections is a separate entry, and we’ll be all set.


I conversed about cookies with my fellow 2nd year Latin scholars. Evidently, Jessica does not like cookies.

Now, I have a question for you all. Who doesn’t like cookies?

Let me restate that with a more rhetorical voice inflection and a more emphatic typeface.


I mean, I can totally understand disliking some kinds of cookies. But there is such a vast variety of cookies out there that everyone has to like at least some of them! It’s like the saying “Life is a box of chocolates,” except in this case it would be “A box of cookies is a box of chocolates,” which sounds kind of stupid, but I’m sure you get my point.

Plus, they’re just sugary bundles of baked happiness! What’s not to like?

“They taste like sand,” Jessica claimed.

“You’ve tried every single cookie in the world, and they all taste like sand?” I challenged.


We were all aghast, needless to say. We actually ostracized her from our table and held a cookie-lovers powwow discussing what kinds of cookies we all liked. There was a certain amount of laughter stemming from this that may have been considered out of place in such a setting.

Ms. N looked over from where she was working with Latin 3. “Is everything alright over there?”

“Oh yes,” asserted Phoebe. “Fourth declension noun endings are just so funny.”


We cleaned the house. One of my mom’s friends from college stayed the night so his daughter could play at the piano competition.

“How old is she? Is she in the older division?” I queried prior to their arrival.

“No,” replied my mom, “she’s 14.”

“So she’s not my direct competition,” I noted, a calculating glint in my eye. We musicians can be ruthlessly competitive, as I will never forget after hearing horror stories involving razor blades…

Anyway, we clean our house pretty rarely, so the sound of the vacuum cleaner was quite exciting. The sound of cleanness, as I called it. The roar of a mortal enemy, as my dog apparently considered it.


I dreamt about finding derivatives. Why yes, I have had lots of math homework lately! What would lead you to ask such a question?


We laughed in Physics class. Actually laughed. Not because Ms. L was being laughably uncertain in her teaching either.

It was about this quirky old black and white video about frames of reference (that I distinctly recall my sister telling me about back in the day). Probably the most high-tech thing they had was this grainy old slow-motion camera used to allow us to see balls falling and such.

Otherwise, they made do with chalkboard drawings (rather than brightly colored animations and things) and wheeled walls getting pushed around by people we assumed were studio interns (rather than, er, motors).

Yeah, it was no Don Showalter, but it had its moments. My personal favorite quote was when the guy getting spun around on a platform said with all seriousness to his companion, “Now I am going to get off, because I don’t know about you, but I am getting dizzy.”


I stopped practicing piano.

Or at least, I haven’t since… this morning.

Saturday was my piano competition, preparation for which has been the primary activity occupying my time since my return from Luzerne to The Real World.

Obviously I didn’t win or even get into the final round, but I’m still super-proud of myself for successfully getting through a Bach Prelude and Fugue that I had been working on for a mere three weeks and that as of last week was unmemorized. And you know how hard it is to perform Bach. (Or maybe you don’t, but you can imagine.)

So I have declared today, Sunday, an official break day for myself. Aside from practicing church stuff. And homework and other unimportant things.

Tomorrow, I get to learn lots of accompaniments. And a concerto.


Also, I am currently listening to recordings from Luzerne. But I suspect you are bored sick of my ramblings on that topic, so I will refrain from enthusing about their every minute in minute detail (pun confusing juxtaposition of words not intended).

But hey– we sound good. 🙂


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