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18 September 2007 / April

In case there was any lingering doubt as to whether I need sleep

Today I practiced piano before doing homework, rather than vice versa as I usually do. So I had a nice, focused, productive practice session……. and now my focus and productivity are completely shot.

And when I’m in a state like this, math homework kills.

pg. 184 # 25

That graph is related to one of my homework problems. I kid you not. Granted we didn’t have analyze it too much, but doesn’t just looking at it make your brain explode?

I would have zoomed out so you could get a better idea of its utter weirdness as it approaches +/- infinity, but then you would have lost the effect of those lovely little infinitely oscillating squiggles.

Speaking of oscillating squiggles, this is what happens when you take that concept far beyond the extent to which it ought to be taken.

bored of math

You really must take a peek at the original size (click the pic) to appreciate the full glory of this one.

And look at all those weird shaded designs; they aren’t really there, y’know, your brain (or maybe just mine…) conjures them up. I first noticed the effect in a dramatically exaggerated incarnation when I was uploading this picture and saw the pint-sized preview:

Trippy. I should’ve made a bunch of copies of this graph with very slightly differing phase shifts– and lots of neon colors. That would’ve been something.


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