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14 September 2007 / April

Testing, testing, 1 2 3…

I had my first test of the year today.

I also had my second. And my third.

There must be some scientific law or mathematical theorem that governs the timing of tests and can explain why they always come in waves.

Oh wait, make that four tests– I had fitness testing in PE today! The most important test of all!

We did the archaically named mile run, which for most sane people is really the mile walk. Afterwards I lay down in the middle of the track (which is definitely more comfortable than cement) and nearly got run over by one of those contraptions that paints lines, much to Jessica’s amusement.

At any rate. On to the academic tests.

My Physics test was pretty easy, or would’ve been if I’d been able to convince myself that 6 minus 0 is 6, not 5. (…)

My German test was negligible and doesn’t really deserve to be counted. I’m just very, very proud that Mary found it in her to give us a vocab list and test us on it. It must have taken a lot of personal strength and commitment to do something so greatly out of character for her.

My Calculus test (quiz, actually) was thus the only test of any real significance to me, and it wasn’t so bad. I caught a substantial number of errors upon checking it over– which hopefully was most of them.

Incidentally, by the AP test I hope to have permanently altered the test-taking strategy I have carefully honed throughout my high school career, which involves going through the test as quickly and carelessly as possible, then checking it over as slowly and carefully as possible and changing basically all my answers because I got them all wrong. I suspect time will not allow for such a procedure during the AP test. Plus there’s that pesky thing where you’re penalized for wrong, but not for blank, answers. See why this isn’t going to work?

So anyway, after school I trudged over to my locker feeling pretty mentally drained and all, and I had just managed to reach the Netherlands of K Building when I saw the person I was least expecting to meet in such a place.

Karin: “April?!
Me: “Karin!!
[Dramatic pause…
… then high-pitched squeals and enthusiastic hugs]
Karin: “Way to have a locker right next to mine!”
Me: “Wait, that’s your locker?”
Karin: “Yeah!”
Me: “!!!”
Karin: “We have to have locker parties! Every day!”
Me: “Yes, definitely!”
Amy (who was at her own locker nearby): “Wow, you two totally just made my day.”

It made my day too.

And then at the buses me and my lovable nerdy companions talked about sentient parabolas and inside-out cylinders and other such things, and it was all good times.


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  1. Stacy / Sep 15 2007 6:00 pm

    You and Karin are adorable. I have APES with Karin! :))

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