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9 September 2007 / April

Extremely weird; read at your own risk

I’ve been feeling wretchedly tired and generally under the weather all weekend. Sitting makes my lower back sore. Peering at little black words makes my head ache. Even thinking too hard makes me feel slightly nauseous. (Case in point: spelling “nauseous” required about five minutes of trial and error. Thank god for Firefox’s inline spell check, or else it would probably still be “nautious”.)

Unfortunately, all the things I need to do require one or more probably all three of those things, which makes existence in general a highly unpleasant experience. I dearly wish curling up in my bed and sleeping for eleven hours straight were a more viable option than it is in reality.

Things being as they are, I have found other ways of avoiding physical and mental exertion that do not require me slipping into a hallucinatory coma for an extended period of time. For instance, while struggling to wrap my mind around Bach at the piano (as an aside, do not attempt learning Bach when feeling slightly ill), I took a break to pet my dog. For a really long time. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve pet my dog? Well, even if you don’t, my dog definitely does. Dogs are nice.

Dog, close up

So is summer, as this and other photos remind me. So is sunshine. Both sun and dogs have been scientifically proven to make people happier, according to random people whose exact identities I have conveniently forgotten and doubtless with no authority whatsoever.

If my mood does not improve fairly significantly by tomorrow, I am going to have a stellar day at school. Where “stellar” indicates being instantly consumed in the nuclear reactions at the center of star.

I no longer have any idea what I am talking about.


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