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7 September 2007 / April

Looking ahead

Now presenting my first impressions and predictions for the ’07-’08 school year, which I will revisit in June. (If you’re curious, here’s September ’06 and June ’07…)

Homeroom: We totally should have brought doughnuts and made it a party, since it’s the only time we will have homeroom all year.

Physics: Dear god. The first thing we did was go outside and play a name game, which is something I haven’t done since middle school (at the latest) and certainly not something I was expecting from a college-level class.

Quite frankly, I have not heard the most fabulous things about Ms. L, nor do I have any actual friends here, so I expect this will be one of those classes that will only be tolerable thanks to my interest in the subject.

PE: My gut reaction upon walking into the gym was to switch into a different period as soon as physically possible. Experienced has informed me that the only way PE can be even remotely enjoyable is when you have really good friends there, and it’s not like my schedule is lacking in space in which to shift things around a little.

That being said, I suppose I should try to just make new friends and stuff. Or at least sign up for the teacher whose section has the most athletically inept people in it (which I totally failed to do last year), so my soul doesn’t get destroyed every time I fail to catch the ball.

Free period: Or, as my neon green schedule would like to put it, “study period.” Because of course I’m going to spend it studying and not practicing piano. Right.

German: I have Mary, which means lots of pointless assignments, class time wasted with unnecessary review and the teacher’s ADD, German films, and no tests (none that you won’t be able to retake repeatedly until you ace them, at least).

Enough said.

Lunch: Don’t you love how I have a free period, a sort of pseudo-class, and then a lunch period? I do! It is worth the whole entire week I spent on English by correspondence many, many times over. Oh, just think of the practicing I’ll be able to get done…

The funny thing is, Choir meets this period, and I go to Kulp to practice (hypothetically) every day, and I’m their accompanist, and I am going to pointedly ignore the fact that it would be effortless to just walk a few yards to A120 and join Choir. The thought of this fills me with great glee.

Latin: This is called “Latin multi-level,” which reminds me of some kind of multi-grain cereal or something. But I digress.

It’s really weird, as there are maybe a dozen kids here, six in Latin 2 (maybe five now; our numbers are dwindling) and a couple each in Latin 3 and AP. So Ms. N has to divide her time among us all and give us worksheets when we’re not with her. At least Ms. N is a fabulous teacher and can handle it, unlike Mr. H who would only be able to get through one story about Vietnam before having to move on to another, less than attentive, audience.

US History: Small class, great teacher– granted, I’ve only had Mr. J for two class periods, but so far he’s proved himself hilarious and sincere with regards to his opinions on just how important tests are in the long run (i.e. not so much). Now I just wish students would agree with him.

His emphasis on independent learning and lots of work outside of class was a little intimidating, but I suppose it’s something I’ll have to get used to.

Calculus: A substantial number of old classmates from Precalc last year, with the less motivated ones filtered out and ranks replenished with high-quality stocks of nerds. Well, what can you expect?

Mr. D is also a really good teacher, often apt to laugh at his own jokes but definitely capable of making math interesting and understandable. Unfortunately he does not have Steve’s peculiar brand of awesomeness (who could?), but at a school where the most frequent reaction to hearing the name of a math teacher is “Who’s that?” (to which the response is, depending on whether the inquirer is older or younger, “He’s new” or “She was fired after my year”)– I’m not complaining.

(Oh gosh, that was a terribly run-on sentence, wasn’t it, and all these superfluous parenthetical additions certainly aren’t helping. I’m sorry if my writing at the moment is not quite up to snuff. After all, I’m not taking English.)

Addendum: My morning bus driver is incompetent, making a point of driving straight past high-school age kids waiting patiently at the side of the road. And my afternoon bus driver is uptight and unfriendly, making a point of yelling not only at students on the bus doing innocuous things like fiddling with seatbelts, but also at bicyclists who fail to hasten away from her yellow-armored Rage-mobile.

Clearly, the Powers That Be are punishing me for not learning how to drive over the summer.


And with that, I bid you adieu. Enjoy your first weekend of the school year.


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