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21 July 2007 / April

Guess who was productive yesterday?


Yeah, those are books there. Open books, indicating that I read them, with little sticky note tabs, indicating that I really read them. Witness the great abundance of knowledge!


Yesterday I actually started writing my AP US History paper. As in, I wrote more than a thesis statement. I am very proud of myself. Hence, I am now going to go dance my happy dance.

Which will take the rest of the day, so I probably won’t get any more done.


This is a battery. To give me the energy to keep going (and going and…). Also, I believe they misspelled “alkaline,” which is pretty pathetic. I mean, as a battery manufacturer, the least you can do is spell “alkaline” correctly, right?

I bet the people at Duracell never wrote their summer papers either. Hmph.


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