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18 June 2007 / April

Exams ’07, day four

The Latin Proficiency:

Easiest. Test. EVER.

It is a common belief that you don’t really need to know Latin in order to successfully pass a state Latin exam. What is less well known is that it’s true. Too true. All you need is a capacity for reasoning and a cursory knowledge of ancient Roman culture– e.g. a mythology book and a year spent with PB. Any bits of arcane information can be happily ignored, as you can skip like 20% of the test.

Everyone was done within 45 minutes, easily. But we had to stay for the full hour anyway. Rules, rules.

I also encountered a couple teachers in the hallway and learned I did quite nicely on various final exams. Am I being a smidgen vague here, by any chance? They were the English and Math finals. Yes, they were really good grades. Yes, I’m very happy about them.

Good then. Proceeding.

The school looks so strange when it is empty, the quad and hallways peaceful, lockers gaping open, classrooms devoid of desks. I always feel that my flip-flops make too loud a slap on the echoing linoleum.

Incidentally, where do the desks and chairs go in the summer? Do they return to their tired little classrooms after having briefly sojourned in the gymnasium for testing purposes? Or do they perhaps flock to resorts to hobnob with school buses and textbooks?

(Photo: dig_stew)



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