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9 April 2007 / April

Birthdays, Edition “Expectation”

(Photo: RCastro)

Rumor has it that I turned 16 today. Fifteen one day, 16 the next– it doesn’t make any sense at all, does it. I’m only a day older.

But that’s logical, and logic has no place on a birthday, especially one so neat and square* as to be called sweet. So fine then. I’m a year older.

They say I should be throwing a big birthday bash, something to be remembered for good or for evil. I should invite all my friends over and get lots of presents and hugs and other such things, including possibly a learner’s permit. I should spend the entire day feeling happy to be alive, and even happier to be 16, and I should take a million photos to post here for all to see, and I should spend hours writing excitedly in my journal about the things that happened, and I should go to bed late wishing that the day would never end.

And I should walk around feeling changed, as though a mature and adult-like mass of neurons had been grafted onto my brain, rather than a single digit onto my age. As though that mattered in the first place.

Happy birthday to me.

*By the way, I really must inform you all. I am turning an age that is a square of a square, on a square date of a square month on a year whose digits summed is a square, after having been born on a year whose every digit is itself a square. And I haven’t even gotten into the Zodiac yet (just think sheep2).


(April, squared)


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