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7 April 2007 / April

An evening well spent

Yesterday I spent so much time playing in Recital Hall that my baby grand piano seems really short now.

The reason Jodi and I were there was that a couple IC students wanted to record us for some class assignment or something. Yeah, I’m not especially clear on the details. All I know is (1) we got to have a recording done for free, and (2) we got to perform in Recital Hall, which is an amazing space with a lovely piano.

The guys doing our recording were incredibly funny and nice, so we had a good time, despite the fact that we were there for 4 hours straight and practically going insane by the end of it.

Insane in a nice, musical sort of way.

Adam (the main recording guy) sat in a separate recording studio with lots of little flashy lights and dials and things, and we communicated to him via a black box, which was kind of weird. Jodi and I could talk to each other as though we were alone, going off on random philosophical/personal/math class-related conversational tangents at will as we are apt to do, but Adam was always listening. I never considered how weird our conversations must seem before then.

Me: “It reminds me of how I used to go over to my friends’ houses and we’d spend a long time just saying to each other, ‘What do you wanna do?’ ‘I dunno, what do you wanna do?’ ‘I dunno…”

Jodi: “… And then you end up killing each other.”

Me: “Well, not typically. But I’m glad I never went over to your house when I was little.”

After about 10 PM, when Jodi’s voice was getting better than ever (why does that happen to singers?), I was getting this glazed look on my face and would have to be prodded (figuratively) a few times before I would snap out of my fatigued trance long enough to play through a piece. Adam suggested a walk to the grocery store to wake me up, but I declined. If we’d actually done that we would have been at IC till Whalen Center closed sometime in the wee hours of the morning. That would have been interesting.

Anyway. It was mentally and physically draining but still incredibly fun. And afterwards I came home and slept till one in the afternoon. Whee.


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