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23 February 2007 / April

Bubbles can unite the world

Seriously. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like bubbles. I’ll bet even Osama bin Laden likes bubbles. They’re round, shiny, iridescent, eye-pleasing, and best of all, pop-able.

Have you not seen how a child’s eyes light up with fascination and wonder when he witnesses the creation of those elegant transparent spheres, or heard his gleeful laugh as he swings his hands around and pops them, one by one? There is a bit of that child in all of us, waiting to reveal himself from his hiding place in a stern argumentative adult as the bubbles work their magic.

On many occasions, I have found myself adrift in a room of strangers, pulled out my bottle of bubble solution—and discovered that they weren’t really strangers after all, but friends waiting to be made. I am not typically categorized as a charismatic person, but the presence of bubbles makes a world of difference.

In all earnestness, I truly believe that the small pleasures of life are too often overlooked, shrouded by violence and war and hate. We think we are all different. We think we see enemies in the streets of every city, hidden in the crowds of every nation, including our own. The next generation will be more lazy, greedy, obese, sickly, inconsiderate, isolated, depressed, violent, and stupid than the last. We are all paranoid, in a way. We are all hopeless.

But small beams of light continue to shine through the clouds, even so. Little things bring smiles to our faces, warm feelings to our hearts. We are all really very alike: living in this world, trying to understand it, looking for a reason to dream.

They call it a bubble wand for a reason.

(Photo: GustavoG)


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