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22 January 2007 / April


I was dreaming of tea and sun-drenched hills and being in love when my alarm rang at 7 AM this morning.

I had gotten up, turned it off, and returned to bed before I realized that these actions were more from force of habit than from an actual desire to go back to sleep. Because I was awake. I felt like I could see and think more clearly than I have been able to for weeks. I felt genuinely, emphatically thrilled to be alive.

Sitting on my bed, not quite prepared to get up and not quite willing to lie down, I started humming to myself.

In a little while I swung my legs out of bed, put on my glasses, and went to my mom’s room. “Mommieee!” I called in a cheery singsong voice, “It’s 7 o’clock! Time to get up!”

“Mmrph,” she replied.

I laughed softly. I knew how she felt. Indeed, I virtually always feel that way in the morning, but today just wasn’t like that. I could tell it was going to be different.

It was going to be a good day.


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