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16 January 2007 / April

Latin class and seasons passing

“I saw you in Latin the other day,” Michelle informed me. “You were staring diligently out the window.”

I laughed; she was undoubtedly right. “Probably watching squirrels– there are so many out there!”

Not today though. Today I watched snow, drifting softly onto the earth like my Latin teacher’s words upon my ears: noticed, but unheard.

I sit at exactly the right position in the Latin classroom that the sun– at this time of year, at least– shines just over the poster leaning on the windowsill and directly into my face, bringing a little warmth into a room mercilessly chilled by the apparently dysfunctional air conditioning system of K Building. It makes it so easy to just close my eyes and let my mind wander a little. Like the squirrels on the trees in the autumn. Like the snowflakes in the wind in the winter.

Sometime in the spring, I’ll conclude my school day by jumping out one of those windows onto the grass a few feet below, running off towards the setting sun that’s been beckoning to me every day.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

… All I need is a taste of winter to get me dreaming of spring.


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