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1 October 2006 / April

Apples to apples

Red Mac 1I like eating apples.

Sure, I tell people that I enjoy reading or playing piano or whatever, but what I really like doing is sitting dangerously close to my space heater and eating crunchy, juicy, delicious, apples.

Just writing about it makes me want to sell everything I own and use the money to buy lots of heaters and lots of apples. And maybe a refrigerator too.

I would fill the fridge with apples and arrange the heaters in a circle around it, and I would sit there and eat apple after apple after apple. It would be like a shrine to the consumption of apples (or perhaps to my apple god… something only a few select people will understand). Envision something along the lines of Stonehenge. But with more apples.

Incidentally, the Apple Festival has been going on in Ithaca this weekend. That didn’t even occur to me until just now.

Oh yeah, and I’d forgotten about my babysitting job yesterday so I couldn’t actually go to the awards ceremony. Thus I am only 99.99% certain that I lost failed to win the competition.

The babysitting was actually kinda cool because (1) the kids were in bed by 8, and (2) they have 200+ channels of television. It was like a beggar being invited to a five-course feast.

Which brings me back to apples…

(Image: tinpalace)


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