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30 September 2006 / April

Competition and the aftermath

Hello friends. April just played horribly at a piano competition.

I’m not really sure whether I was not confident enough– because I definitely had some memory issues, though I was thankfully able to recover from those– or overly confident– because I didn’t really feel nervous and so didn’t have that lovely rush of adrenaline to make my playing sparkle like little raindrops hanging from a twig under the first intense rays of a sun after a long rain.

End extended metaphor.

The competition is so tough though that I’m not really worrying about it. The awards ceremony is at 4 PM, and I was considering just not going to that. But would that be admitting defeat or accepting my limits? Anyway, I decided to just hang out at IC till then.

After I played I rushed to Presser to accompany the Kreisler violin class– except there was like an adult chamber orchestra or whatever setting up there, and I thought, “Gee, I’m definitely not supposed to accompany them“… and eventually I found the class in some other random room. Ah, good ol’ Suzuki pieces and the violinists who play them at a constant mezzo forte.

Currently I am in the computer lab, giving myself a well-deserved break after finishing a good chunk of my homework. Maybe not a good chunk– a mediocre chunk, let us say. But there’s always Sunday. I’m going to have so much extra time on my hands without a competition to prepare for. Oh yeah, and there’s that 12-page ballade I have to learn too. Hm. Okay, a little extra time.

Really, all I have to do is drop out of Precalc BC and Combined, quit piano, and stop blogging, and I’d have all the time in the world.

The question is: to do what?

PS. Some guy just asked me how to spell “weight”. I almost started chanting in a sing-song voice, “i before e except after c or when sounding like a as in neighbor and weigh,” but I didn’t want to seem too insane.

I have to be careful about that sometimes.


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