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23 September 2006 / April

Chair and freedom tend to sit on the edge of the chair at my desk, allowing me to get up without shoving the chair back. However, this causes all the filling of the cushion to migrate to the back, so the front (where I sit) is all hard and uncomfortable while the back is nice and plush. Such is life.

Actually, what would be really cool is if I had a wheeled swively chair. That way I could easily get out of it without perching on the front of the seat and having the chair pushed back as far as possible. Oh, plus I could spin around in it and it would be fun, until I fainted from motion sickness. Or I could roll around in it instead of walking, like my seventh grade Social Studies teacher did.

And now, I present you with a conversation I had yesterday at school with my nearly-as-nerdy-as-me friend:

Me: “It’s Friday!”

Sana: “Yes, I’m free now!”

Me: “You’re not completely free. Gravity is still pulling you down.”

Sana: “Well, then I’ll go fly around in space.”

Me: “But even then you’re not free; you must obey the laws of physics.”

Sana: “Then… I will be free in my mind. Hah!”

Me: “But your brain is still governed by the laws of physics!”

Isn’t that weird to think about? How would it feel to be wholly, thoroughly, unequivocally, free?

Could we ever feel comfortable?



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  1. JP / Sep 23 2006 10:12 pm

    I do believe that we will be comfortable. However, this will be for a few seconds at most, and probably during moments of normal euphoria. Sana’s great. Why physics? Doesn’t it make sense that your mind is governed by chemistry (since we’re taking it), and neurotransmitters and everything. Oop, nevermind, physics goes better with gravity 😛 I’m so avoiding doing homework right now.

  2. April / Sep 23 2006 10:37 pm

    Plus chemistry is what it is because of the laws of physics governing matter and energy at a molecular level.

    And dude, how are we supposed to finish the assigned questions from the Global study guide if she never really finished the lecture? (You know how it says “textbook reading suppplemented by lecture” or something like that…)

  3. JP / Sep 24 2006 6:35 pm

    I just read the stuff in the textbuch about it 🙂 The only thing I didn’t get was the controversies over the timeline.

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