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15 September 2006 / April


Me: “I’ve been saying delinquent a lot lately. It’s kinda fun to say. Delinquent.”
Ashley: “Delinquent?”
Me: “Delinquent. Delinquent delinquent.”
Ashley: “Delinquent delinquent delinquent…”
Me: “Of course, if you say it enough it makes us sound delinquent.”

Delinquent isn’t quite the appropriate term here (in fact, I think I’ve always been using it entirely incorrectly), but there were some less than necessary comments made during Global class while we were looking at documents from ancient Egypt, including, “There’s a picture of a vulture, so they had vultures” and others along a similar vein.

Also, even though my sister is currently attending college, we still get college mail. It’s kind of annoying now that we’re relatively certain “Miss Amy P S” won’t be going to Vanderbilt, where apparently you can volunteer at a soup kitchen, conduct independent research, and play frisbee all on the same day! Whoa, no way! I, like, don’t even think that’s possible, dude. Frisbees and soup kitchens totally, like, can’t coexist, y’know?

Okay, I will cease and desist with the teen talk because it’s driving me nuts just writing it out.

On the non-annoying side of life, we find (a) it is Friday, (b) it will be lovely warm weather this weekend, and (c) I am playing Chopin. All very good things indeed.



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  1. Karin / Sep 15 2006 7:40 pm

    Question Un (from a previous entry)…J Building? If that’s a new nickname for Jose, I am absolutely in love with it.
    Question Deux- I remember you once talking about APLang and APLit, and I was wondering what you knew about each one. I’m having a bored-yet-compulsive moment and trying to plan out my schedule for the next 2 years (aiming for 10 foreign lang credits, and stopping at 3 credits for science and math credits)

    How’s German going? Are you learning anything? Do you think you can sneak me away some extra worksheets to save my rotting brain? Actually, Mary’s GermanLang isn’t quite as worthless as I expected. But I’m curling up in fetal position at the thought of taking the AP exam next year. Even the thought of taking the German3 Regents this month is definitely giving me the jibblies.

  2. April / Sep 15 2006 8:16 pm

    Hahaha, that would be an EXCELLENT name for Wilson. I whole-heartedly approve. However, J Building is simply the name of the building with the main office, guidance, health offices, etc. Y’know, the little one connecting to H.

    Hey, they’re not called foreign languages now, they’re world languages… another decree from J Building. By the by, are you thinking of taking French?

    And as for your question about AP English, what I hear from my sister, who may be wrong, is that AP Lit is “for people who want an AP credit but don’t want to do the work for it.” Do some soul-searching and think about whether you want to be classified with scum of the earth like them. Just kidding. My personal feeling is that the classes are probably more similar in difficulty level, but I don’t really have anything backing that up.

    In German we’re just reviewing for now, so we’re not learning too much yet… Whenever we speak of verbs I hear Mary’s voice chanting away in my head. Sigh. Oh yeah, the honors kids all cheered the first time Frau handed out a worksheet, which is not really what you’d expect if you think about normal students.

    Gosh this comment is becoming gigantic. I should write you an email or something. Eh, whatever.

  3. Amy / Sep 15 2006 9:41 pm

    AP Lang is only difficult because you learn a lot and Mr. Anderson is an excellent teacher, that’s all. Go on and take Lit if you like, you’ll probably get to do lots of “fun” art projects.

    What Chopin?

  4. April / Sep 15 2006 10:14 pm

    Mr. Anderson only teaches AP Lang?

    Chopin’s first ballade.

  5. Karin / Sep 16 2006 8:10 am

    Yes, if all goes as planned, I’ll take French in senior year (figuring I’ll have just finished up German and the year-long Chinese course) I certainly won’t learn much, but I’d really like to learn what I can of it as long as it’s free.

    As of now, I do want to take APLang, not APLit. I’m basing that on the fact that I much prefer the coursework and focuses of Lang over Lit from those little description paragraphs the school gives (great basis, I know), and I have heard things similar to what Amy said (that Mr. Anderson is good and does teach you a lot).

    Thank you, Shen sisters, for your

    Oh, by the way, here’s a random video I thought you’d like. Incredibly talented, in my uneducated opinion

  6. Amy / Sep 16 2006 12:50 pm

    He teaches English 12, Intro to Philosophy, and Film Study too.

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