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13 September 2006 / April

Productivity whilst in transit

If only I didn’t get motion sick so easily, my bus rides could be surprisingly productive.

Case in point: Today on the afternoon bus, I sketched (er, traced) a quick and dirty map of Europe and devoted a successful 10 minutes to learning its countries. As a kid in my math class says whenever he gets an answer right (which is obnoxiously often): bam.

I’ve also memorized what capitals we need to know for tomorrow’s quiz, except for that of the Netherlands, which I forgot to write down and could not for the life of me think of. To all those associated with the city of Amsterdam, I offer my humblest apologies. (Amsterdam! How could I forget? Stupid, stupid me…)

Watch me forget them all tomorrow.



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  1. JP / Sep 15 2006 12:02 am

    Ha! But you DIDN’T forget considering that you aced the test. I’ve found out that sleeping is a very productive way to spend your bus time.

  2. April / Sep 15 2006 5:31 pm

    I usually can’t sleep on the bus… But we don’t know yet that I aced the test, do I?

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