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5 September 2006 / April


Hah! Whoever found this blog by searching for “body odor italy” gets a big virtual hug from me, as long as their BO isn’t too bad. 😛

Anyways, now on to our regularly scheduled programming.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.<– Do you remember this? I think this actually used to happen: people walking around with boomboxes on their shoulders and being all cool, like “Look, I can go wherever I like and still listen to music!”

Nowadays, we’re beyond just a CD walkman too, we’re– well, youThe image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. know what I’m getting at. This little thing: –>

People today would probably look at that guy on the left and wonder, “Gee, what’s he doing carrying his computer on his shoulder like that?” Wait, no, it’s bigger than a computer. Never mind.

Next thing you know, our music players will be implanted in our ears and powered by brainwaves, so all you’d have to do is think, “I’d like to listen to _____” and bam! It’d start playing.

And then, people would look at old-timers carrying around iPods and wonder what the heck they’re doing lugging around that bulky thing. “It’s like he’s carrying around a computer– no, it’s bigger than a computer…”



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  1. katyaserafina / Sep 5 2006 4:09 pm

    I remember that!! I think that’s what the fo-shizzuhlin homies in da hood used to do in the 90’s. Kind of obscelete, now.

  2. meofcourse / Sep 5 2006 10:29 pm

    ROTFLOL…excellent point there April! It’s like video tapes…honestly, to pick up a tape in my house these days earns me the strangest looks from friends…it makes me feel so old school…

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