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21 August 2006 / April

A dog's quest for comfort

Tara has grown dissatisfied with her pillows or old worn jackets on the floor. She envisions billowy cushions to sink one’s paws into. She strives for luxury rarely bestowed upon her species, yet so frequently enjoyed by her hominid companions.

She wants to sleep on beds! Real beds with solid frames, thick covers, multiple pillows, the indentations subtly delineating the forms of their rightful owners’ preferred sleeping positions. But why should only humans get this glory?

And so Tara begins her quest.

Rarely does she dare to venture into the lair of The Alpha Mother, venerated leader of the pack, for surely the punishment upon discovery would be terrible beyond words!

The fury of The Inconsequential One, too, has proved (on several occasions) to be a little much for Tara to bear. Oh, she is a territorial little beast, that Inconsequential One! She even stakes her claim on her piece of floor with a constantly closed door. Tara cannot enter. How the humans manage to do it, she can only imagine.

(Photo: weshph)

For some days, she was able to use the sofa as her sleep-place of choice, as it is not sole property of any of the pack members. Resembling exactly one of the dingy brownish pillows, she curled up and tasted the sweet, sleepy fruits of victory before being greeted one day by the heart-rending sight of an upturned rocking chair sitting upon it.

How strange.

The bed of The Howl Maker, she who plays mournful tunes on that box she places beneath her chin, it too was a potential place of slumber for Tara. Again and again she clambered on in a vain attempt to sleep as again and again her sleep was interrupted by a cacophony of yells and an unpleasant yanking of the comforter. And now, it too has been barricaded, by cardboard boxes and stacks of books.

Now there are no more beds for Tara. Thus, banished to the floor and her customary corner, she wraps herself around herself in an endless circle of furry brown dogness and dreams of a world where the creature comforts of humanity can be equally distributed among all of the animal kingdom…



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  1. Mimz / Aug 21 2006 6:06 pm

    Wow, thanks for that comment on my blog. I like yours a lot, too!

    We like a lot of the same books, by the way. The Elegant Universe is great. You should try Just Six Numbers by Martin Rees sometime.

    I saw Digg and Popurls on your list of links, and those would be two of my favorite sites ever.

    So anyways…I’m definetly gonna read your blog from now on. 🙂

  2. April / Aug 21 2006 10:56 pm

    Thanks, and I’ll certainly check out the book too! I love book recommendations :-D.

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