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21 August 2006 / April

Commencement of a journey

There is just barely enough room in our car for four large boxes, two small suitcases, a sleeping bag, a comforter, a fan, a desk lamp, a computer, a viola, a violist, a mother, and a sister. If the sister is rolled into a little ball and wedged into the backseat like a piece of extraneous luggage that you don’t really need but don’t really want to leave behind.

So tomorrow we’re leaving for a couple days to take our favorite member of the CIM class of 2010 to what is going to be her part-time home for a few years. And thus, I would like to take a moment now to publicly bid farewell to her.

Bye, Amy. Make the most of it.


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  1. katyaserafina / Aug 23 2006 8:38 am

    I hope meets amazing people and makes the most incredible memories and bec, but I’m really more sure she will than hopeful.
    It must be very hard for you, though.

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