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15 August 2006 / April

The Schedule

Drumroll, please:

  1. Chemistry (T.)
  2. Chem lab (days 3 and 5) / Health (P., even days)
  3. English (B.)
  4. Global studies (PB)
  5. Precalc BC (W.)
  6. PE (S., odd days) / Lunch (even days)
  7. German 3 (O.)
  8. Latin (H.)

The first thing I did upon receiving my schedule was run over to my sister, jab my finger at the name “T.” and ask, “Is that a good Chemistry teacher?!”

At good ol‘ IHS, the chances of ending up with a good Chem teacher are notoriously small. A good portion of them are horrendous, a couple of them are mildly competent, and only one is actually good. God I hope none of them ever end up reading this.

Anyway, it turns out I’m one of the lucky future Chem students. Hooray!

I seem to have had nice teacher-luck in general actually. It’s particularly gratifying to know that I may actually learn something in German next year. On the other hand, I ended up in the regents/honors mixed class. So maybe not.

There is one minor problem, however. I have a lunch. Albeit only every other day, but a lunch nonetheless. While this admittedly has some positive points (I need some time to do all that Combined homework, right?), it means that I don’t have Fractals and Chaos on there, and sure enough it isn’t.


I could take Fractals another year, when my schedule’s not quite as full. I could rail at my guidance counselor until he shuffles around entire classes of students’ schedules around in order to let me have my way. I could kick out Health or Latin to make room for Fractals, and take them later. I could take Health period zero. I could live without taking Fractals, or Latin, at all. I could flush Health down the toilet and liberate countless students from having to suffer through it again. I could hang Health up by its ears in the middle of the quad and throw rotten tomatoes at it and make it the laughingstock of the entire town.

The possibilities are endless. But which possibility’s best?


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