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5 July 2006 / April

Lazy summer evenings

What I like best about summer* is having my windows open in the evenings. I find it supremely pleasurable to feel a cool wind drifting in, fresh from the caresses of leaves and evening sunshine. It reminds me of a poem I wrote once:

When I have a house of my own, I want my bedroom to have
a window facing west,
where the concentrated light of sunsets can shine through,
tinting the walls with orange,
where Zephyr can blow in sweet fresh air
from oceans and plains afar.

It will not have curtains;
why would I want anything blocking my view?

Some balmy summer evening, perhaps,
after the dishes are washed, my work complete,
I will open this window,
this window facing west,
so I can hear the crickets chirping.
Maybe, after a pause of contemplation,
I will lean out, my chin on my hands, and feel the air on my skin.
I will spend just a moment, a moment is all I ask, doing nothing
but looking to the west.

The window of my current bedroom faces north. But I still have the good fortune to catch a breeze now and then.

Thus far, this has been a summer of laziness. Not only laziness, however. It is also a summer of Scrabble games and computers, of Schumann piano concertos and salad with whole leaves that fill an entire bowl, of truth and cameras and soap bubbles and anticipation.

I can easily say that I’ve done nothing this summer, and that would mean nothing worth mentioning, but in actuality it would mean more that it is nothing worth hearing, for I think open windows in the evening is perfectly worth mentioning.

Perhaps not worth mentioning in a blog, though. I will write something more interesting another day. At present I am not quite in the mood for thinking of things that may or may not interest other people.

(*This is somewhat misleading. I do not spend the rest of the year pining away for windows that are open in the evenings, thinking, “Oh! I would not mind the school and homework and stress so much if only I could open my window in the evenings!” It is merely what I like best about summer here and now.)



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  1. katyaserafina / Jul 6 2006 9:58 am

    Ahah! You’re back!
    Remind me again- when do you leave for your Europe trip?

    I absolutely love your poem, it also inspires me to write a poem of my own to a similar theme. Do you mind? (In fact, the line about looking to the West makes your poem similar to one I wrote, though has a different theme)
    I think that poem is one of my favorite free-verse ones now. I dislike free verse in the way that such poems so often seem to come out lacking flow and poetic beauty (for example- a large majority of my own free-verse creations), but this one is not at all lacking of those things and I love it. When did you write this?

    Also, I agree- I love having my window open in summer (though they do face east), especially in the morning and evening. The breeze and the peacefullness (sp? I’m sure I spelled that wrong) are so calming and meditative, and seem to be unique to summer in a very nice way.

  2. katyaserafina / Jul 6 2006 10:02 am

    Some things that popped out to me in your poem (in a very good way) were things such as your reference to Zephyr. The reference does not make the line too metaphorically complicated or anything like that, but it also is a nice way to use words to say what is intended, without the reader being able to read and absorb the poem with a completely absent mind.

  3. April / Jul 6 2006 10:25 am

    I leave for Europe in A WEEK!!! EEEE!!!! (That is, 7/13)

    Thank you so much for all the nice words. I agree– a lot of my own poems (most of which are freeverse) turn out completely confusing and mystical sounding, and this one has an air of simplicity that can be very effective.

    I wrote this rather recently– maybe early-mid June?– and then added it to my Song of Myself for English. Actually, because of it I named my Song “A Window Facing West.”

    Oh, and of course you can write a similar poem (as long as it’s not identical except you change the word “crickets” to “chickens” or something, but I’m sure you wouldn’t do that). All my best ideas are founded on those of other poets anyway.

  4. katyaserafina / Jul 6 2006 11:07 am

    EEEE!! You must take LOTS of pictures!
    I LOVE that title for your Song Of Myself. I don’t remember what I put, but probably something awful. My Song of Myself Was definitely a piece of crap.

    ….*FINE*. But I think I WILL keep that one line about crickets (though changed to chickens), because what if I really DO want to hear my chickens chirping? Huh?
    …not like I have chickens, but oh well. I can steal some if I want to.

  5. Pocahontas / Jul 6 2006 3:20 pm

    What I [like best] about RIVERS is…

  6. April / Jul 6 2006 7:29 pm

    Kari: Perhaps you should then make the line “so I can hear my stolen chickens chirping.”

    Amy: … I guess I should have seen that coming, hm?

  7. Pocahontas / Jul 6 2006 11:33 pm

    Who is this “Amy” of which you speak? Obviously I am Pocahontas, since it says my name is Pocahontas and my email address says “Pocahontas.” 3476258473984761 is my favorite number, duh.

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