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22 June 2006 / April

Blue paper

I was just cleaning up some more school stuff when I found a blank square of blue paper tucked in the pocket of my “random crap” folder.

It is a very pretty, very saturated sort of blue. Almost identical to the flap of my pencil case.

I know that this blank square of blue paper probably originates from the large stack of blank squares of colorful paper, on which I scribble various things like “Get phone cards” (er, still got to do that) and “7/13 @ 11:30 AM” (the time of my flight to Europe). But as to why and how this particular blank square of blue paper got into this particular folder, I am clueless.

Perhaps one chilly autumn night, the first frost lying quietly upon the ground, this blank square of blue paper had the urge to flee this dull and homely place. Wanderlust coursing through its veins– er, fibers– it slipped from its stack of brightly colored brothers and skittered across the surface of my desk, feeling the movement of air across its body for the first time. Free at last!

But alas, its plans went awry. It toppled off the edge of the desk and fell into the folder sitting in my backpack, which lay open by the desk, like a great gloomy cavern of doom.

Perhaps the blank square of blue paper was selected by the spirits of summer to color the clear skies of midday, and placed in the folder to remind it of its uniqueness. It had sat there, warm and content in knowing of its immortalized glory, until I inadvertently pulled it from its cozy nook and laid it on my desk, giving it an unobstructed view of the sad clouds that now cover its fresh blue sky.

Perhaps a secret someone took this blank square of blue paper, as the early-rising birds sang tunes to the fresh spring air, and wrote upon it a message in invisible ink. So it is truly not blank at all, merely waiting to be discovered.

Or perhaps, I placed it there myself, realizing that you never know when you just might need a blank square of blue paper.


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